Bruce Conner

February 2 & 3, 2013

Bruce Conner (1933-2008) was an artist whose astounding body of trailblazing work across numerous mediums – film, drawing, sculpture, and photography to name just a few – has long been celebrated in cinemas, galleries, classrooms, and museums around the world. A puckish iconoclast who adopted numerous styles and identities over the decades, Conner never worried about audience expectations or settled into one groove. He never stopped being completely unpredictable. To celebrate Anthology’s recently completed restorations of five of Conner’s most seminal films, we present two programs that feature brand-new and pristine prints of key works alongside lesser-screened gems.

10 SECOND FILM, REPORT, COSMIC RAY, MEA CULPA, and AMERICA IS WAITING have been preserved by Anthology Film Archives through the National Film Preservation Foundation’s Avant-Garde Masters Grant program funded by The Film Foundation. CROSSROADS was restored by UCLA Film & Television Archive, and funded by the Conner Family Trust and Michael Kohn Gallery.

Special thanks to Michelle Silva and The Conner Family Trust.



10 SECOND FILM (1965, 10 sec, 16mm)

COSMIC RAY (1962, 5 min, 16mm)

THE WHITE ROSE (1967, 7 min, 16mm)

BREAKAWAY (1966, 5 min, 16mm)

PAS DE TROIS (1964/2006, 8.5 min, 16mm-to-video. Edited by Bruce Conner.)
A rarely seen document photographed by Dean Stockwell of Conner shooting BREAKAWAY with Toni Basil.

LOOKING FOR MUSHROOMS (1959-67, 3 min, 16mm)

EASTER MORNING RAGA (1966, 10 min, 8mm)
While Conner produced a digital version of this work in 2008, we will be screening an original 8mm film print.

TAKE THE 5:10 TO DREAMLAND (1978, 5 min, 16mm)

VALSE TRISTE (1978, 5 min, 16mm)

HIS EYE IS ON THE SPARROW (2006, 4.5 min, digital video)

Total running time: ca. 60 min.


10 SECOND FILM (1965, 10 sec, 16mm)

MEA CULPA (1981, 5 min, 16mm)

MONGOLOID (1978, 3.5 min, 16mm)

AMERICA IS WAITING (1981, 3.5 min, 16mm)

REPORT (1963-67, 13 min, 16mm)

CROSSROADS (1976, 36 min, 35mm)

Total running time: ca. 65 min.