1963-1967, 16mm, b&w/sound, 13min.

Soundtrack: "Four Days That Shocked The World" (1963)

"Society thrives on violence, destruction, and death no matter how hard we try to hide it with immaculately clean offices, the worship of modern science, or the creation of instant martyrs. From the bullfight arena to the nuclear arena we clamor for the spectacle of destruction. The crucial link in REPORT is that JFK with his great PT 109 was just as much a part of the destruction game as anyone else. Losing is a big part of playing games."

– David Mosen, Film Quarterly

"Conner is the most brilliant film-editor of the avant-garde. In REPORT he has used newsreel footage and radio tapes of President Kennedy's assassination to produce a thirteen minute movie that captures unbearably, yet exhilaratingly, the tragic absurdity of that day."

– Jack Kroll, Newsweek