1977, 16mm, sepia/sound, 5min. 10sec.

Music by Patrick Gleeson

"... it contains very few images but Bruce Conner collages them in ecstatic orders and they work in miraculous ways. The film has no real subject, at least not one immediately visible. It's just a series of images - a canal, a road, a mysterious white receding shape, a girl with a ball in front of a mirror, a slow motion water splash, some clouds. The film is tinted soft brown."

"... the state produced by a film like 5:10 TO DREAMLAND is very similar to the feeling produced by a poem. The images, their mysterious relationships, the rhythm, and the connections impress themselves upon the unconscious. The film ends, like a poem ends, almost like a puff, like nothing. And you sit there, in silence, letting it all sink deeper, and then you stand up and you know that it was very, very good."

– Jonas Mekas, The Soho Weekly News