1963-1995, 16mm, b&w/sound, 14min.

Filmed from a TV set 1963-1964 by Bruce Conner
Patrick Gleeson music: 1995 - Lee Harvey

"Oswald - View from window, Texas School Book Depository - Eternal Flame, Arlington National Cemetery - President Kennedy - Funeral Flowers at Dealey Plaza, Dallas - Kennedy Inaugural Parade - PT 109 Official Warren Commission Report - Texas School Book Depository - Kennedy Motorcade - Mail Order Bolt Action Rifle - Oswald in custody - Jack Ruby shoots Oswald - TV roll bars - multiple exposures - Lincoln Memorial - chalk board diagrams - White House - military guard at Kennedy grave - Baked Turkey commercial for Thanksgiving Day Dinner - Oswald - et cetera.

A remarkable film. The score by Patrick Gleeson is every bit as effective as his pieces for earlier. Bruce Conner films and transforms the experience of seeing these familiar - but also transfixing - images. The humor that leavens the genuine sadness of the material is given gentle boosts here and there acoustically."

– Bruce Jenkins, Director, Film/Video, Walker Art Center