Farther Out Thank Any Other Gallery | News Call Bulletin


Up to now Dilexi has been the farthest out gallery on the local scene. But Dilexi will have to move over, because Batman Gallery, at 2222 Fillmore St., has jumped into first place in the avant-garde.

It has a crashing opener starring Bruce Conner, that daredevil of the black wax, wood and silk stocking set, and a regular emphasis on collage, found objects and generally frowned upon media is promised.

Painter William Jahrmarkt and his wife found a defunct dress shop and spruced it up, creating a big and handsome showroom, and their gallery will, according to a press release, “bring excitement into San Francisco galleries that’s been lacking for several years.”

WELL, THOSE, are dangerous words, and the Batman is by no means unique, but it is a lively establishment. I wish it well, and it looks as if the business will be good: there were nine sales in the first three days.

Of course Conner is Conner, or should I say Conner is Conner is Conner. Yes, that fits the dadaist atmosphere better.

Having been repulsed by the famous “Child” out at the de Young, I was a bit skeptical about entering a whole roomful of Conners. Might get a case of multiple boogey-man-itis.

BUT, IT DEVELOPS, a roomful of Conner provides some pleasant deviations from such horrors as a wax replica of a dead body at the back of a box.

For one thing, the man really can draw superbly, and some of his simple, normal and handsome drawings are in this show. Furthermore, in no-nonsense paintings like “Dark Brown” he creates a rich sweep, swizzle and curl of non-objective creation which has genuine value.

As for his fantastic concoctions, some are just piles of junk and some are terribly irreverent and tasteless, but some are really funny.